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Moorilla Estate 'Muse' Extra Brut 2017


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  • Land: The St Matthias Vineyard is located on the west bank of the kanamaluka / River Tamar, north of Launceston in Tasmania. Its diverse soil profile, from fertile volcanic clays to granite stone outcrops, along with its east-facing slope close to the river, offers excellent conditions for grape growing. These features help protect the vines from frost and allow the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly.
  • Wine: The 'Muse' Extra Brut 2017 is crafted mainly from Chardonnay, with a smaller portion of Pinot Noir. The grapes undergo native yeast fermentation, with half of the base wines aged in old puncheons. The wine’s complexity is enriched by a solera barrel that contains a decade of vintages, contributing to its final dosage. Aged four years on lees, this process enhances the wine's texture and depth while keeping the fruit flavors fresh and the acidity vibrant, resulting in a sparkling wine that’s both refined and lively.
  • People: Conor Van Der Reest, the winemaker at Moorilla Estate, applies a thoughtful mix of old and new winemaking techniques. His approach emphasizes the importance of handling each step of the process carefully, from the gentle pressing of grapes to the strategic aging that defines the wine’s character. His work highlights the capabilities of Tasmania’s cool climate for producing distinctive and enjoyable sparkling wines.

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