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D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 2000


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  • Land: D'Oliveira, a heralded name in Madeira wine, possesses a legacy of exceptional vineyards dating back to the 19th century, primarily located in the parish of São Martinho. The unique Madeiran terroir, characterized by volcanic soil and a subtropical climate, contributes significantly to the distinctive profiles of their wines, renowned for their longevity and complexity.
  • Wine: The D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 2000 showcases the rich history and meticulous aging processes typical of the house. Esteemed for its depth and intensity, this wine has been aged extensively in cask, following Madeira’s traditional “canteiro” method. This extended wood aging enhances the wine's robust flavors and aromatic profile, offering a complexity that D’Oliveira wines are celebrated for globally. This vintage is powerfully aromatic with tropical fruits and spices. The palate shows lush viscosity, and high acidity provides the tangy character that defines top-quality Madeira.
  • People: The story of D'Oliveira is deeply intertwined with the family’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing their remarkable library of historic vintages. Founded in the 1880s by João Pereira D'Oliveira, the company has been enriched through strategic marriages and acquisitions over the years, notably incorporating the holdings of the Camacho family and later the prestigious collections from Adegas Torreão and Arturo de Barros e Sousa. Today, Luis D’Oliveira, alongside his nephew Felipe, upholds the family tradition, ensuring the continued production of Madeira’s most celebrated wines. Their stewardship guarantees that D’Oliveira remains a pivotal reference for connoisseurs of finely aged Madeira wines, preserving and presenting vintages that span over a century.
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