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Guidobono 'Segrete Vigne' Extra-Brut Roero 2018


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The name Segrete Vigne means secret vines because the wine laws in Italy, for now, do not allow for the name of the varietal to appear on the label for sparkling wines vinified in the traditional method. 36 months on the yeasts, zero dosage. Bone dry, but rich and zesty.
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Nested in northwestern Italy, Piedmont is a region that oozes with charm and allure. Home to some of the world’s most highly regarded wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, Piedmont is a treasure trove of wine delights. The hilly region is planted to a host of local grapes, but it’s the noble Nebbiolo which takes center stage.


Nebbiolo, a prestigious grape from Italy's Piedmont region, is celebrated for its profound truffle and rose aromas, complex flavors, and ability to age gracefully thanks to strong acidity and tannins, producing the renowned Barolo and Barbaresco wines.