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Pray Tell Gamay / Pinot Noir 2021


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  • Land: The Pray Tell Gamay / Pinot Noir 2021 hails from the renowned Willamette Valley in Oregon, a region celebrated for its cool climate and ideal growing conditions for these varietals. The vineyards are organically farmed, reflecting the area's commitment to sustainable practices and producing grapes with vibrant, expressive flavors.
  • Wine: This 2021 blend of 60% Gamay Noir and 40% Pinot Noir showcases the harmonious marriage of these two grapes. The wine undergoes natural fermentation and is aged for 12 months in neutral oak, allowing the fresh fruit characteristics to shine. It features an array of fruit, floral, and spice notes with a light to medium body, making it versatile for pairing with various dishes or enjoying on its own. Only 269 cases were produced, highlighting its unique and limited nature.
  • People: The inspiration behind Pray Tell Gamay / Pinot Noir is rooted in the tradition of Passetoutgrain from Burgundy, a region known for its prestigious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This blend, however, embraces a more playful and approachable style, much like the winemakers who are passionate about storytelling through their wines. Their dedication to showcasing the dynamic duo of Gamay and Pinot Noir in their native habitat results in a wine that captures both the heritage and innovation of winemaking in the Willamette Valley.
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