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R. Pouillon Extra Brut Le Montguguet 1er Champagne 2018


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  • Soil Type: The Montgruguet vineyard, perched above the renowned Clos des Goisses, benefits from a unique soil composition that imbues the wine with a distinct mineral quality. The terroir is marked by a rich blend of chalk and limestone, which contributes to the wine's vibrant acidity and depth of flavor.

  • Elevation: Nestled at a higher elevation, the Montgruguet vineyard enjoys cooler temperatures that allow for a longer, more gradual ripening period. This elevation ensures the grapes develop a balanced acidity and a complex flavor profile, distinguishing the Champagne's character.

  • Grape Varieties: This cuvée is crafted predominantly from Pinot Noir, accented with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The Pinot Noir provides the wine with structure and depth, while the Chardonnay adds elegance and finesse, and the Pinot Meunier contributes subtle fruity notes.

  • Winemaking: The Pouillon family employs a meticulous winemaking process, combining traditional methods with modern innovation. Hand-harvested grapes are gently pressed in an ancient wooden press, with fermentation taking place in enameled iron tanks. The wine undergoes full malolactic fermentation, enhancing its creamy texture, and is aged in a mix of stainless steel and oak to preserve its fresh, vibrant character while adding complexity.

  • Farming Practices: Committed to sustainable viticulture, Fabrice Pouillon integrates organic and biodynamic practices, including composting, herbal teas, and natural pest management. This holistic approach ensures the health and vitality of the vineyard, reflecting in the wine's purity and expressiveness.

  • Tasting Notes: The R. Pouillon Extra Brut Le Montgruguet 1er Champagne 2018 is an electrifying expression of terroir, showcasing high-toned aromatics and fresh acidity. Its palate is intricate, with a light yet intense profile that unveils layers of citrus, green apple, and chalky minerality, leading to a finish of incredible length and finesse.

  • Pairing: This Champagne's crisp acidity and complex profile make it an excellent partner for a wide range of dishes. It pairs beautifully with fresh seafood, particularly oysters or sushi, and can also complement lighter poultry dishes or a creamy risotto, enhancing the flavors with its vibrant character.

The Pouillon family, with a legacy rooted in the heart of Champagne, continues to evolve under Fabrice's guidance, embracing single parcel cuvées like Montgruguet to express the nuanced diversity of their terroirs. This dedication to quality and innovation ensures that each bottle of Champagne is a true reflection of the land and the family's passionate craftsmanship.

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