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R. Pouillon Extra Brut "Les Terres Froides" 2018 1.5L


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  • Land: The "Les Terres Froides" Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut 2018 from R. Pouillon originates from the Terres Froides parcel in the village of Tauxières-Mutry in Montagne de Reims. This parcel, known as Les Fourches, is located south-west of the village and near Tours-sur-Marne. The vineyard's north exposition and cool to cold microclimate, with a risk of spring frost, create ideal conditions for Chardonnay. The soil here is primarily chalk, with less clay found closer to the village, enhancing the minerality and freshness of the wine.
  • Wine: The 2018 vintage of "Les Terres Froides" is a Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut Champagne made from 100% Chardonnay. It undergoes vinification with 50% of the wine in neutral barrique and the other 50% in enamel, followed by 8 months of aging before bottling. The wine has undergone malolactic fermentation, contributing to its smooth texture. With an alcohol content of 12%, this Champagne is known for its crisp acidity, elegant minerality, and refreshing character.
  • People: Fabrice Pouillon, the winemaker, manages a half-hectare of this prized parcel, adhering to organic farming practices. His commitment to the terroir and careful vinification techniques ensures that each bottle of "Les Terres Froides" reflects the unique characteristics of the vineyard. Pouillon's attention to detail and respect for traditional methods shine through in this exquisite Champagne.
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