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Minimum Wines Goulburn Valley Red Blend 2021


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  • Land: Located in the Goulburn Valley near Toolamba, alongside the Gaiyala (Goulburn River), the estate vineyard of Minimum Wines enjoys a warm, Mediterranean-like climate reminiscent of Sicily. Since taking over in 2017, Matt and Lentil Purbrick have transformed this vineyard with sandy loam soils rich in ferric-oxide into a bastion of organic and regenerative farming. Their practices, which include green manure, compost teas, and water-saving techniques, have significantly improved soil health and increased the vineyard's natural resilience to pests and diseases.
  • Wine: The 2021 Goulburn Valley Red Blend is a complex assembly of 70% Sangiovese, 23% Syrah, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% Merlot. The grapes, each fermented wild on full skins, exhibit the year's unique climatic shifts—cooler late March temperatures led to a prolonged harvest and a less fruit-forward, more intricately nuanced Sangiovese. After fermenting in stainless steel, the wine aged in old oak for 10 months, followed by an additional month of bulk maturation before bottling, culminating in a profile marked by dark cherries, green strawberries, and a hint of leather.
  • People: Matt Purbrick, alongside his partner Lentil, brings a heritage of winemaking from his family's iconic Tahbilk Winery to their own venture at Minimum. Their approach intertwines deeply held values of environmentalism and social justice with viticulture, where organic farming and contributions to sustainability initiatives are as integral as winemaking itself. This philosophy not only enhances their land but also enriches the quality and character of their wines, reflecting a commitment to both the earth and the community.

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