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Travel the world of Wine

Our wine clubs are the premier way to discover new wines and increase your enjoyment of wine. Our monthly subscriptions include four bottles of wine to enjoy at home. Members also receive free or discounted tickets to exclusive wine events and tastings.

Which club fits your wine exploration goals?

Two Distinct Clubs

Four adventurous wines per month at every day price points.

Drink Better Wine Club

Four bespoke cellar-worthy wines per month for the ultimate wine experience.

Drink Baller Wine Club

Selections by Sommeliers

Every bottle in our wine clubs is hand selected by Sally & Steven, owners of Denver Wine Merchant and former New York City restaurant sommeliers. We have over 30 years of combined wine industry experience and are extremely well versed in the producers of Burgundy, Piedmont, Champagne, and many other regions of the world. Other wine clubs offer bulk wines that need an outlet to sell. Ours offers the great wines of the world which are inevitably produced in small quantities.

Exclusive Event Invites

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Drink like sommeliers with sommeliers

Drink Better and Drink Baller members receive invites to exclusive tasting events. Most events are free for members. Members also receive discounts of up to 50% off paid event tickets.

Drink Better Wine Club members receive 2 free event tickets each calendar year. Tickets are valid for members and one guest.

Drink Baller Wine Club members receive 4 free event tickets each calendar year. Tickets are valid for members and one guest.

Also a beer lover? Members of our beer club get 1 free ticket per year. Members of multiple clubs get the ticket allotments for each club. For example, a member of the Better wine club and beer club gets 3 free annual tickets.

Access to Extremely Rare Wines

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All wine club members receive offers on rare and limited wines before they hit our shelves.

Frequently asked questions

In a word, quality. Online clubs are forced to find wines available in enough volume to send to thousands of subscribers. The world's greatest wines are highly unlikely to be available to most of these clubs.

By joining our clubs you are guaranteed to be receiving wines made by the top producers of their respective regions, and keeping the clubs local means we'll never grow out of this model.

Online clubs also don't offer a community of wine lovers and in person events like ours.

We don't ship or deliver our wine clubs. Each month members receive a personal email with details on upcoming tastings and events. Often we hold special tastings at the shop and encourage members to pick up their wines during them.

However! We are in the works on a shipping Baller club. Details to come late fall 2023.

Yes, you can pause or cancel anytime for any reason. Note that pauses greater than one month will result in losing your in store discount until the club is resumed.

We don't have a red only Drink Better Wine Club, however, members of our Drink Baller Wine Club are welcome to ask we only include reds. Since this is a fully custom club, they could also request only riesling or no Pinot Noir if they choose. Overall, however, we encourage being open to all styles of wine as they all have their time and place for enjoyment.

We include a mix of red, white, rose, and sparkling which is seasonally inspired. We tend to include more reds in the winter.

The majority of wines we select are from Europe as it is our specialty, but wines from all over the world will be included. We only carry and include wines which are responsibly farmed and produced by people who are passionate about making quality wine.

View the current wine club selections updated on the 15th of each month at this page.