Understanding and Buying Sustainable Wine

by Afton Kortz on

When it comes to wine, there are a lot of terms thrown around or listed on wine labels that are used vaguely or incorrectly. Understanding the truth behind...

Argentina: More Than Just Malbec

by Tana Schwarz on

One of my favorite moments while working in wine retail started with a young guest, asking me where the Malbec section was. They then stopped in their tracks and...

Skin Contact, Part One: Pink Wines

by Kat Kyathfield on

Kat answers the question "What the hell even IS rose?"

8 Super Fresh Spring Reds

by Tana Schwarz on

 Here at Denver Wine Merchant, we love wines of all shapes and sizes. Grapes from all over the world make incredible wine and we are proud to showcase...

Understanding Etna Wine in 3 Minutes

by Steven Washuta on - 2 Comments

The north side is where all the cool kids are. Reds grown here have that Etna minerality which producers like Frank Cornellisan and Passopisciaro have made famous. Also worth...

Gattinara Strikes a Nerve

by Steven Washuta on - 2 Comments

Unquestionably the greatest of the great Barolo producers is Giacomo Conterno. Giacomo's grandson, Roberto, is now at the helm of the winery and the reputation has only grown...

Three Reasons to Drink Small Production Wines

by Steven Washuta on

1. Higher Quality. Good wines are made in small quantities. As quantity increases shortcuts on quality have to be made. Mass production wines are striving for consistency more than...

Three White Wines to Try Now

by Steven Washuta on - 1 Comment

The diversity of the wine world is what makes it exciting and why I pursued it as a career. Sadly in our great American culture we've attempted to...