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Shipping & Delivery FAQ

Shipping FAQ

Do you have a minimum order for shipping?

We have a $100 minimum order total for wine shipping. Shipping wine is expensive when considering the freight, packaging, and labor required to send bottles afar. Note that our markups are significantly lower than online wine stores who are solely designed to ship wine, as this cost is built into their products.  

What states do you ship wine to?

The only states we are legally unable to ship to are: Pennsylvania, Utah and North Dakota. We also don't typically ship to Alaska and Hawaii but can quote a price upon request. Note that wine shipping is full of anti-small business laws and generally a grey area for most states. We do our best to supply our wines to residents outside of Colorado but it is not a cheap nor easy process.

Do you offer free shipping?

We wish we could but we are a small business and do not get favorable rates to make free shipping a viable option. Any store which offers free shipping is simply building that price into the bottle (about $5-$10/bottle on average), and since we sell the same wines in our physical store for the same prices it would not make sense to take that route. 

It's July and 99 degrees out can you still ship?

Wine, especially the producers we carry, is a living product. It is extremely sensitive to hot temperatures and exposure to heat will damage a wine beyond repair. There are sometimes cool weeks in the summer where shipping is possible, but the spring and fall are by far the best seasons to ship for the protection of the wine. 

Can you ship beer or spirits?

Unfortunately no. While wine is a gray area or fully legal this is not the case for either beer or spirits. We can hold pickup orders for up to 3 months, however, if you have plans to be in Denver or friends coming through who can pick it up for you. 

Delivery FAQ

Do you offer local delivery?

We do not offer local delivery. 

Do you offer third party delivery options?

All deliveries in Colorado legally must be fulfilled by the store. Even a purchase through Drizly is still fulfilled by employees of the store, and the store is paying a middleman to simply display their products.

Will you deliver to our big catered party?

For large delivery inquiries such as weddings and events please email We are able to deliver large orders when it makes sense to do so.