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Domaine de la Loue Savagnin Arbois Pupillin 2019


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From a parcel of young savagnin vines called Sous Roche, near the village of Pupillin. Grey marl-clay soils, on a southeast-facing slope.


Winemaker Catherine Hannoun of Domaine de la Loue has an interesting story. She was a film producer who fell in love with the Jura while shooting the wine documentary 'Mondovino' with Jonathan Nossiter. After the completion of the project, Catherine returned to the region in 2009 to eventually start winemaking in Port-Lesney, north of Arbois, in the northernmost area of ​​the Jura bordering the Doubs. Her domain is named after the river Loue, which therefore marks the natural border between the Jura and Doubs départements.

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The Jura wine region in Eastern France is known for its unique grape varieties and wine styles. Savagnin and Trousseau are among the grapes grown here, producing wines ranging from light and crisp to rich and complex. Jura winemakers are also known for their experimental and natural winemaking methods, resulting in distinctive and often unpredictable wines that reflect the region's diverse terroir.