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Albamar Albariño 2022


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The Land: Situated in the O Salnés sub-region of Rías Baixas in northwestern Spain, the vineyards are blessed with an environment that is almost poetic in its suitability for producing exquisite white wines. The primarily sandy soil, interspersed with granite and schist, lays the foundation for a wine that is rich in mineral complexity and inviting texture. The elevation of these vineyards enhances their exposure to the cooling maritime breezes from the nearby Atlantic, fostering a slow, balanced ripening process that is critical for developing the crisp acidity and vibrant freshness characteristic of the region’s best wines.

The Wine: 100% Albariño grapes, the 2022 vintage is a masterful expression of this varietal’s potential. The winemaking process begins with hand-harvested whole clusters that are directly pressed and undergo dual spontaneous fermentations using indigenous yeasts in both stainless steel and neutral oak. This method, coupled with six months of aging sur lie without undergoing malolactic fermentation, preserves the wine’s innate crispness and elevates its complex flavor profile. In the glass, it displays a brilliant pale gold hue, and offers an aromatic bouquet of floral notes alongside layers of ripe citrus and a distinctive salty minerality. The palate is invigorated by a lively acidity, rounding out with a citrusy, crisp finish that is delightfully textured and complex.

The People: Behind this exceptional Albariño is Xurxo Alba, a scion of a venerable family of winegrowers from Cambados, whose deep roots in the traditions of Galician viticulture inform every bottle he produces. Xurxo’s approach is marked by a seamless integration of traditional methods and modern innovation, driven by his formal studies in oenology and a passionate commitment to natural, sustainable farming across his 10 hectares of organic vineyards. His minimal intervention in the cellar and meticulous attention to detail ensure that each vintage not only speaks to the qualities of its varietal but also resonates with the unique narrative of its terroir. Alba’s wines are celebrated for their quality and consistently precise and clean style.

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Galicia, located in northwest Spain, is a cool, green oasis renowned for its diverse wine regions like Rías Baixas, known for the crisp Albariño, and Ribeira Sacra, where the steep terraces nurture Mencía grapes, yielding wines with elegance and depth. The region's unique climate contributes to the fresh, aromatic, and mineral-driven character of its wines, reflecting Galicia's rich viticultural heritage.


Albariño is a vibrant white grape variety from Spain's Rías Baixas region, known for its lively acidity, aromatic intensity of peach, citrus, and floral notes, and a distinct saline minerality, making it a refreshing choice for seafood pairings.