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Barbeito Verdelho Branco Reserva 2020


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  • Land: Barbeito operates within the unique viticultural landscape of Madeira, an island known for its volcanic soil and mountainous terrain. This distinctive environment contributes significantly to the character of Madeira wines, providing them with their renowned acidity and longevity. Barbeito, in particular, benefits from its strategic sourcing of grapes from forgotten vineyards across the island, reviving the use of traditional varieties and highlighting the rich diversity of Madeira’s terroir.
  • Wine: The Barbeito Verdelho Branco Reserva 2020 is a throwback to what Madeira wine once was: regular dry white table wines. There is still a significant time in barrel before release adding to the complexity and softening the naturally high acidity of the Verdelho grape. This wine is a unique window into the past and maybe the future of Madeira.
  • People: Ricardo Freitas, the dynamic force behind Barbeito, has been instrumental in transforming the winery into a benchmark for innovation and quality in Madeira. Taking over from his mother, Manuela, who herself had built upon the foundations laid by her father, Mario Barbeito, Ricardo continues to push the boundaries of Madeira wine. His collaboration with The Rare Wine Co. on the Historic Series Madeiras rejuvenated interest in Madeira wines in the American market. Ricardo’s approach marries deep respect for tradition with a drive for innovation, producing what have been called some of the most pure and elegantly styled wines on the island.
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