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Anne Collard "Shi Fu Mi" Grenache NV


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The Land

The Anne Collard "Shi Fu Mi" Grenache is cultivated in the heart of Provence, an area renowned for its diverse terroir and Mediterranean climate. This region, characterized by its limestone-rich soils and abundant sunshine, provides an ideal environment for growing Grenache. The mistral winds that sweep through the vineyards help to keep the grapes healthy, reducing the risk of disease and ensuring optimal ripening conditions. The combination of warm days and cool nights allows the grapes to develop deep, concentrated flavors while maintaining a vibrant acidity.

The Wine

The 2022 "Shi Fu Mi" means rock, paper, scissors in Japanese. This Grenache is a fun introduction to the  range of Côtes du Rhône, but is labeled as Vin de France because it is outside the codes of this illustrious terroir AOC. On the nose, it offers a bouquet of ripe and fresh juicy red berries, such as strawberry and raspberry, intertwined with subtle hints of garrigue herbs, lavender, and a touch of white pepper. The palate is lush and inviting, with flavors of juicy plum, black cherry, and a whisper of licorice. The wine's minimal tannins and bright acidity create a harmonious structure, leading to a satisfying finish with lingering notes of fresh fruit and herbs.

The People

Anne Collard, a visionary winemaker with a deep passion for Provence's viticultural heritage, brings a unique touch to the "Shi Fu Mi" Grenache. Drawing on years of experience and a profound respect for nature, Anne’s approach to winemaking emphasizes sustainability and authenticity. Her commitment to organic farming and minimal intervention in the cellar ensures that the wine truly reflects the essence of its terroir. Anne’s philosophy centers around creating wines that are not only delicious but also expressive of their origins, allowing each bottle to tell the story of the land and the vintage.

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The Northern Rhône is home to Syrah-based wines, including the famous Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie appellations. In contrast, the Southern Rhône is known for its blends, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape, which typically are based on Grenache. Overall, the Rhône Valley offers a rich history and diverse range of wines that are not to be missed.

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