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Clonakilla O'Riada Shiraz 2022


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  • Soil Type: The vineyard features a composition that contributes to the depth and complexity of the Shiraz, with a mix of clay and loamy soils common in the region.
  • Elevation: Situated in the Canberra District, the vineyard's elevation would contribute to a cooler climate, beneficial for the nuanced development of Shiraz grapes in a very different style than Barossa.
  • Grape: 100% Shiraz.
  • Winemaking: Clonakilla is known for its elegant and refined approach to winemaking, likely using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to showcase the Shiraz grape's natural characteristics.
  • Farming Practices: The vineyard is managed with a focus on sustainable practices, ensuring the health of the vineyard ecosystem and the quality of the grapes.
  • Tasting Notes: Clonakilla's Shiraz exhibits a balance of ripe fruit flavors, such as blackberry and plum, with subtle spice and pepper undertones, fresh violets and roses and a smooth, well-structured reductive finish.
  • Pairing: This Shiraz would pair well with a range of dishes, from grilled meats and vegetables, and would complement dishes with bold, complex flavors.

Clonakilla's O'Riada Shiraz 2022 was a cool vintage with gentle ripening progressing well into autumn. The O’Riada is made from fruit picked from their estate vineyard and other fine sites in Murrumbateman and Hall. It’s a quintessential Canberra Shiraz, medium bodied with red berry and floral themes and plenty of cool-climate spice. A Shiraz for a Burundy enthusiast!

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