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Obalo 'Las Arenas' Rioja Reserva 2016


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  • Land: The terroir for Obalo 'Las Arenas' Rioja Reserva 2016, rooted in the storied Rioja region, provides a foundation where the dark, rich soils and the regional climate converge to nurture vines that yield expressive and nuanced grapes. This unique environment ensures the development of fruit with a deep, complex character.
  • Wine: The 2016 'Las Arenas' Rioja Reserva gleams with a dark ruby hue, edged by bright rims. Its bouquet unfurls with ripe red and blue fruits mingled with candied flowers, enriched by undercurrents of vanilla and pipe tobacco. On the palate, it presents a juicy, sweet embrace of black raspberry, cherry-vanilla, and mocha, accented by a subtle smokiness. The wine evolves, finishing with a sappy, enduring presence, its smooth tannins building slowly, underscored by a recurrent vanilla motif, all thanks to its two-year maturation in new French oak barrels.
  • People: Behind the 'Las Arenas' Rioja Reserva is a team committed to capturing the essence of Rioja's terroir, employing meticulous vineyard management and innovative winemaking techniques. The dedication to aging in new French oak barrels for an extended period reflects a deep respect for tradition while embracing a modern approach to crafting wines of distinction and longevity.
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