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Jean Baptiste Souillard Le Tout Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 2020

We have 5 in stock (Inventory is live and accurate).

The key to the wines that Jean Baptiste produce is that they all totally represent the individual terroir they come from. The varietal wines are left for 4 seasons to age in old barrel, and the crus are left for 8 seasons. All the winemaking is the same, the character and identity of the wines come directly from the terroir.

Working as a micro-negociant, Jean Baptiste buys fruit from much smaller growers that would otherwise have to sell to the local co-operative where their, far superior, fruit would be lost. All the growers work Organically, or are in conversion to do so.

We ship wine to most states with a $100 minimum order for shipping. Shipments are sent on the next Monday if weather permits. We do not ship beer and spirits.