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Do-Re-Mi Kisi Amber Dry Kveri 2020

We have 12 in stock (Inventory is live and accurate).

We ship wine to most states with a $100 minimum order for shipping. Shipments are sent on the next Monday if weather permits. *Summer is here and shipping orders will be held for cooler weather unless requested* We do not ship beer and spirits.

Do Re Mi wines are all made in Qvevri which are handmade, large buried clay vessels used to ferment and age the wine. Qvevri range in size from 250 liters to 2500 liters. The lightly pressed juice is fermented with the skins, with wild yeast and free from any additives. After fermentation is finished, the Qvevri are sealed and covered with soil until Spring time. During the process, the solids in the wine slowly drop to the bottom of the qvevri and the clear wine rises to the top. When temperatures drop in December and January, the live yeast dies, the wine is transferred to new qvevri and left to age for more months. In the spring time the wine is drunk during big celebrations called Supras and leftover is bottled.