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Eleni and Edouard Vocoret Chablis VdF 2021


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This is the 2021 Bas de Chapelot with a different label as they missed 1 barrel in declaring the vintage to the Chablis board of directors and they were like you can't bottle it as Bas de Chapelot since you didn't do it the first time so they put this other label on it and also had to not officially declare a year because the paper work wouldn't let them but the juice is the same incredible epiphany of Chardonnay. 

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Chablis, in northern Burgundy, France, is renowned for its Chardonnay wines, which are typically unoaked, showcasing crisp acidity and minerality. The region's unique Kimmeridgian limestone soil, rich in marine fossils, imparts distinctive flinty notes. From the esteemed Grand Cru vineyards to the accessible Petit Chablis, the wines of Chablis are a testament to the harmony between terroir and tradition, offering purity and elegance in every glass.


Chardonnay, one of the world's most versatile and beloved white grape varieties, showcases a remarkable spectrum of styles, from the lean, mineral-driven expressions of Chablis in France to the rich, buttery, and oak-aged versions from California's Napa Valley. Its adaptability extends to cooler climates such as Burgundy, where it achieves elegance and complexity, and to regions like Australia's Yarra Valley, known for producing vibrant and fruit-forward renditions. This grape's ability to reflect its terroir, coupled with winemaking techniques, results in a wide array of profiles, including unoaked, crisp varieties with apple and citrus notes, to full-bodied wines with tropical fruit flavors and creamy textures.