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Los Bermejos Malvasia Volcanica Seco 2023


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  • Soil Type: Rooted in the Canary Islands' volcanic soil, this Malvasía Volcanica benefits from the mineral-rich environment, lending the wine a distinctive minerality and depth.

  • Elevation: The vineyards' elevation contributes to a microclimate that balances the intense sunlight with cooler temperatures, aiding in the development of the grapes' complex flavors and maintaining their acidity.

  • Grape Varieties: This wine is made from 100% Malvasía Volcanica, a unique cross between Marmajuelo and Malvasía Aromatica. This grape variety brings together the aromatic intensity of Malvasía Aromatica with the unique characteristics of Marmajuelo, resulting in a wine with exceptional depth and aromatic complexity.

  • Winemaking: Aged entirely in tanks to preserve the grape's intrinsic flavors, this process emphasizes the wine's freshness, aromatics, and crisp profile, showcasing the varietal's purity without the influence of oak.

  • Farming Practices: Committed to sustainable viticulture, the winemaking practices ensure that the wine not only expresses the terroir's unique qualities but also adheres to environmentally friendly principles.

  • Tasting Notes: The Malvasia Volcanica Seco 2023 delivers vibrant aromatics, with hints of tropical fruits and floral notes, leading to a palate that is both crisp and complex, with a mineral-driven finish that speaks to its volcanic origins.

  • Pairing: Its bright acidity and aromatic richness make it an ideal match for seafood, light pasta dishes, and soft cheeses, where it complements the flavors and adds a refreshing contrast.

  • About the Producer: Los Bermejos stands out for its dedication to highlighting the Canary Islands' indigenous grape varieties, employing sustainable practices to craft wines that reflect the unique terroir and the innovative spirit of Canarian winemaking.

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