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Ludes Thörnicher Ritsch 'Monster' Feinherb Kabinett Riesling 2022


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  • Land: The Ludes Thörnicher Ritsch 'Monster' Feinherb Kabinett Riesling 2022 is sourced from the steep, terraced vineyards of Thörnicher Ritsch, known for its challenging yet rewarding growing conditions. Located in a unique part of the Mosel, far from the mainstream vineyard areas, Thörnich is characterized by its harsh, angular landscape which contributes to the distinctive, structured nature of its wines. The soil is predominantly made up of Kimmeridgian clay, similar to that found in Chablis, lending a pronounced minerality and depth to the wines.
  • Wine: This 2022 Riesling embodies the rustic and traditional style of Mosel wines that have been nearly forgotten in modern times. Crafted to express the raw, transparent, and bracing qualities of the region, the 'Monster' Feinherb Kabinett offers a complex profile with notes of fresh herbs, aniseed, and grapefruit zest, leading to a juicy and finely fruity palate. This off-dry wine is marked by its superb balance of sugar and acidity, providing a tension and depth that is both attractive and profoundly expressive of its vineyard origins.
  • People: Julian Ludes, in collaboration with his uncle, continues the legacy of rigorous and uncompromising winemaking established by Hermann Ludes. Their approach is deeply traditional, focusing on low-intervention methods and meticulous hand labor in their vineyards. The duo's commitment to producing authentic Mosel wines is evident in their decision to maintain rigorous standards, such as opting out of producing certain modern styles like BA, TBA, or Eiswein, which they believe do not truly represent the drinkability and character of the region’s wines. Their philosophy is rooted in patience and respect for nature, aiming to create wines that require and reward careful aging.
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