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Ludovic Engelvin "Clausus" Gard Rouge 2020


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The Land

Nestled between the Pic Saint Loup and Tavel, the Languedoc Gardois region has a rich winemaking history dating back to Roman times when Nîmes was a key hub. Despite a twentieth-century focus on quantity over quality, the area's historic vineyards are now seeing a revival. Ludovic Engelvin's vineyards, located in a rugged landscape of limestone and sandstone with aromatic garrigue (local underbrush) give his wines their distinctive character.

The Wine

"Clausus" Gard Rouge 2020 is a pure Grenache that shows off the elegance and purity of the grape. Ludovic Engelvin focuses on infusion over extraction, creating a wine with delicate flavors and excellent balance. The wine is free from oak, fining, and filtration, and uses only minimal sulfur. It has seductive aromas and a smooth texture. This wine is a great example of the natural concentration from low-yielding old vines combined with a careful minimal intervention approach. 

The People

Ludovic Engelvin's path to winemaking includes studies in viticulture and enology, internships in cellars across southern France, Spain, and the Loire Valley, and a key period with the late Didier Dagueneau. As a sommelier in Provence, he honed his tasting skills and developed a deep appreciation for unique wines. Influenced by mentors like Didier Dagueneau and Didier Barral, Ludovic practices low-impact farming and natural winemaking. He uses essential oils and herbal tisanes instead of synthetic treatments and lets spontaneous vegetation aerate the soil while his sheep provide natural fertilizer. Ludovic's dedication to making characterful wines shines through in "Clausus," reviving the Languedoc's lesser-known vineyards with fresh energy and renewed prestige.

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