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Luis Pato Vinha Pan Tinto 2017


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Bairrada is a dynamic wine region located in west-central Portugal, distinguished by its cool, maritime climate and fertile clay-limestone soils. It's celebrated for its exceptional sparkling wines and robust reds, primarily made from the indigenous Baga grape. The region's landscape is a picturesque blend of gentle hills, verdant vineyards, and historic towns, reflecting a deep viticultural heritage intertwined with modern innovation. Bairrada's wines are known for their vivid acidity and complexity, embodying the unique terroir of this coastal area.


Baga is a resilient red grape variety indigenous to Portugal's Bairrada region, known for producing deeply colored, full-bodied wines with a robust structure and high acidity. These wines often exhibit flavors of dark berries, plums, and spice, with an aging potential that softens their initially firm tannins, leading to a more complex and nuanced bouquet. The grape's thick skin contributes to its intense color and tannic nature, making Baga wines well-suited for hearty dishes and aging.