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Elio Ottin Petite Arvine 2021


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  • Soil Type: The vineyards for Elio Ottin's Petite Arvine are rooted in morainic and sandy soils, providing excellent drainage and reflecting the sun's warmth, akin to the nurturing soil of a cherished garden in a classic Italian cinema setting, where every element tells a story of place and time.

  • Elevation & Aspect: At an altitude of 650 - 700 meters above sea level, the south-facing slopes ensure ample sunlight, contributing to the grapes' optimal ripeness while the cool mountain air preserves their distinctive aromatic profile.

  • Grape Varieties: This wine is a pure expression of Petite Arvine, a semi-aromatic grape known for its explosive aromatics and the remarkable balance it strikes between power and finesse in the palate.

  • Winemaking: The harvest commenced in September with the grapes undergoing whole cluster pressing and fermentation over 2-3 weeks at controlled temperatures using selected yeasts. The wine was matured for 7 months on fine lees in steel tanks, eschewing malolactic fermentation to retain its crisp acidity.

  • Farming Practices: Manual harvesting and immediate cooling of the grapes underscore the meticulous care taken in the vineyard. The density of 8000 vines per hectare and the practice of Guyot training further speak to the precision and dedication to quality.

  • Tasting Notes: Elio Ottin's Petite Arvine 2021 is an intense straw yellow, reminiscent of white gold, and unfurls with effusions of pineapple, asparagus, and fresh mint, alongside notes of rhubarb, grapefruit, and elderflower. Its elegance is matched by a savory, lingering finish that encapsulates the balance and tension that define this varietal.

  • Pairings: This wine's robust aromatic profile and savory finish make it an excellent companion to dishes that mirror its complexity and vibrancy, such as grilled seafood, fresh salads with citrus dressings, or creamy risottos.

  • About the Producer: Elio Ottin's dedication to Petite Arvine, a grape of Swiss origin brought to the Valley in the 1970s, is evident in this wine, which stands as a testament to the variety's adaptability to the morainic and sandy soils of the region. Through careful vinification, Ottin captures the essence of this unique terroir, offering a wine that is both expressive and balanced.

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