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Verino Mastiha Antica 700ml


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The Mastic tree is a special plant that only grows on island of Chios in Greece, and has for millennia. The sap of the Mastic tree (or “Mastiha”) is a wondrous substance that has been used throughout antiquity for its medicinal and digestive properties. This sap is the base for this extraordinary liqueur.

Verino Distillery was founded in Argos in 1978 by Babis Spiliopoulos and is currently run by him and his son, Thanos Spiliopoulos. It produces high-quality tsipouro, varietal tsipouro, barrel-aged tsipouro, as well as an interesting range of liqueurs. The exceptional tsipouro quality is primarily due to the fine raw materials (grapes from top local wine producers – mainly Domaine Skouras), as well as to the art of traditional distillation, using two 1,300 litre copper pot stills. 

"Clear color. Aromas and flavors of iceberg lettuce and jicama with a round, crisp, fruity medium body and a polished, fast finish with nuances of melon rind, aloe, celery, and green cardamom finish. A subtlety herbaceous liqueur to pair with light and airy vodka cocktails; unique and playful."-Review BTI

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