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Vinochisti "S5" Montefalco Sagrantino


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  • Land: Umbria, the heartland of Italy, is home to the Montefalco Sagrantino wine. This region, characterized by its rolling hills, fertile valleys, and historic towns, provides a unique terroir for viticulture. The climate, soil composition, and traditional farming methods contribute to the distinct qualities of Sagrantino grapes. Umbria's dedication to preserving its winemaking heritage ensures that wines like the "S5" Sagrantino carry the essence of this verdant landscape.
  • Wine: The "S5" Montefalco Sagrantino is a masterful blend of the 2010 and 2011 vintages, each with its own vinification journey. The 2010 spent 18 months on the skins before aging for 42 months in barriques, while the 2011 had a 6-12 month skin contact period followed by 30 months in barrels. The blend incorporates 50% whole bunch fermentation, adding complexity. After combining the vintages, the wine was aged for an additional 12 months, resulting in a Sagrantino with remarkable depth, structure, and elegance.
  • People: Vinochisti, the creators behind the "S5" Sagrantino, are artisans dedicated to showcasing the potential of Umbrian grapes. Their innovative approach to blending and aging distinct vintages reflects a deep respect for tradition coupled with a forward-thinking perspective. This dedication to craft results in wines that not only embody the rich history of Umbrian winemaking but also push the boundaries of what is expected from the region's offerings.


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