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Zarate Albarino "Balado" 2022


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  • Soil Type: The Balado vineyard, boasting own-rooted vines on weathered granite (Xabre) soils, imparts a distinctive minerality to the wine, enhancing its complexity and depth.

  • Elevation: Nestled in Val do Salnés' varied topography, the vineyard's elevation moderates the climate, ensuring optimal ripening and preserving the grape's natural acidity.

  • Grape Varieties: Crafted from pure Albariño grapes, this wine showcases the variety's vibrant acidity and aromatic richness, with notes of citrus and stone fruits.

  • Winemaking: Pomares employs wild-yeast fermentation and ages the wine on fine lees for over six months, enriching its texture and flavor profile.

  • Farming Practices: Zarate's commitment to sustainable and biodynamic farming eliminates chemical inputs, favoring natural treatments to maintain vine health.

  • Tasting Notes: The wine offers a bouquet of ripe peaches and lemon zest, with a palate marked by crisp acidity and a pronounced minerality.

  • Pairing: Ideal with seafood, its acidity and minerality complement dishes like grilled octopus or seafood paella, enhancing the overall dining experience.

  • About the Producer: Bodegas Zarate, led by Eulogio Pomares, blends historical viticulture with innovative practices to create wines that reflect their terroir's essence and Galicia's winemaking potential.

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Galicia, located in northwest Spain, is a cool, green oasis renowned for its diverse wine regions like Rías Baixas, known for the crisp Albariño, and Ribeira Sacra, where the steep terraces nurture Mencía grapes, yielding wines with elegance and depth. The region's unique climate contributes to the fresh, aromatic, and mineral-driven character of its wines, reflecting Galicia's rich viticultural heritage.


Albariño is a vibrant white grape variety from Spain's Rías Baixas region, known for its lively acidity, aromatic intensity of peach, citrus, and floral notes, and a distinct saline minerality, making it a refreshing choice for seafood pairings.